So over the past three days, we have gotten 6 inches of snow. This is not the normal for use here in the South and practically everything was shut down. All the livestock survived and are doing well. I will post some pictures of the rabbit set up as soon as possible. We were literally snowed in for two days. We live right on a major thorough fair and even that road wasn’t easily accessible. There was snow and ice caked on it for two straight days before the DOT finally scraped it. I had big plans for this week. I was wanting to at least start constructing the barn and hog parlor, neither of which even started. I will have to wait until next week and see if I can get some of those things done. The rest of my week will consist of refurbishing the rabbit enclosures and cleaning out the old bedding and putting in new. I did have to venture out to WALMART while the snow was still falling. The shitzu was out of food and the rabbits needed some too. I also grabbed some cheap pine bedding while I was there for the rabbits. Which by the way I hate doing, shopping at WALMART that is. I had rather show my patronage to the local small businesses but as you can imagine, all of those were closed.
While snowed in, I came up with a business idea. I will fill you guys in on it a little later as we start to move forward with the Bramble Stone Ranch and Market. The idea is to create a grocery store with the atmosphere of the 60’s. That of which when you walk in you know who is running the establishment and where the products came from.

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We are nestled in the foothills of South Carolina. We live off site from our homestead for the time being. We raise some of our animals here on the 1 acre that we live on a lot closer to town than the three that we call “the farm”. I also use a two acre pasture at my grandparents for stalling animals in transition. I myself am experienced in the “farming field”, but am brand spanking new to the small time, intense land management type of operation that we plan on running. We are raising three boys a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 month old. Here at “the house” we have some rabbits and chickens, and a Shitzu named “Nessie”. We just acquired the rabbits through a trade for a Nigerian Dwarf goat. We actually acquired that goat and another through a trade that I made for a chicken tractor. The chicken tractor was made from repurposed materials that I got for FREE at work. So as of right now, we have six rabbits, three female and three male. We are looking to trade 2 of the buck rabbits as we only need one for our “STARTER” operation. We have a Sannen/Lamancha cross dairy goat that was part of the first trade I mentioned. She is trained to a milk stand and is very friendly. She is stalled in the pasture that I mentioned. All this and we haven’t really spent the first dime other than wire and some other materials for cages and the like.

    The three acres that we call “the farm” is a briar patch to put it best at the moment. We have cleared enough to get to the small sheds that were on the property when we purchased it. We have used mainly repurposed materials to repair the sheds back to operational use. We are planning to move the majority of the farming operation to this piece of land. The sheds will be used for the rabbits, worm composting bins, and an aquaponics setup. We are also in the process of building a barn on the farm. All of these materials have been salvaged from a set of old decks and a wooden fence that we salvaged. I will be posting on here at least weekly with updates. We are always buying selling and trading, well mainly trading. See y’all later

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